Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping and Returns

For USPS, please see the following recommended deadlines at their site Here. For First Class and Priority Mail to the lower 48 US states, please place your orders by 12/18/2019. That will enable us to get your items in the mail by the USPS deadlines for delivery by 12/25/2019. These are not guarantees, but ordering within these deadlines should result in your receiving your items before 12/25/2019.

For Free Shipping, because this will likely be a ground shipping method, please order by 12/11/2019.

For UPS Ground, the shipping time depends on your location. Please order by 12/11/2019 to be safe. For UPS Next Day Air, please order by 12/18/2019.

You can learn about returns and exchanges Here.

For orders $100 or higher, you should see a Free Shipping option in the dropdown of available shipping methods. This is only offered with orders in the lower 48 USA states. The actual shipping method used is at our discretion.

That hasn't happened yet as far as we know, but if it does, please contact us Here and we'll work it out. We may just ask for a photo of what you received.

International Shipping

We do ship orders outside the US. To see if your country is available, add a product to the cart, start the checkout process and see if your country is available from the shipping country dropdown. If it's not, please let us know Here and we will add it if possible. We are aware of issues with shipping to certain countries and need to take that into consideration.

No. All we can do is give you an estimate, based on the postal service and our past experience. But it's no guarantee as to when you'll receive your item. Please keep that in mind when ordering. With that said, if your item appears to be lost, we'll do our best to help track it down.

Currently, to supported countries, we send packages via USPS First Class International. In terms of how long it takes to receive a package, the safe estimate is within 14-21 days. I've seen it be as quick as 7 days from the USA to Canada.

Our Mini Math Posters

Yes, we plan to. We are working feverishly on it but have so many new products out now that we need a bit more time.

Our Products

No folding or bending please, unless you want your poster to be bent and have a crease that won't go away. Handle your poster carefully from the edges and either hang it, store it flat or rolled.

When you hang it on a wall, framed or otherwise, the poster will flatten out. To make working with it even easier, you can place it on a table with a few books on top of it for a day or two.

Yes, always...a lot. Definitely. Stay tuned for more Digits of Pi creations!

Currently we don't offer any framing services. Any photos of framed posters we display on the site are simply to show what a frame might look like. But it's easy to find frames on Amazon for our 13 x 19, 19 x 13, 13 x 26, 26 x 13 inch posters that will work. We like the ArtToFrames products because most have a .25 inch lip (also called rabbet depth), meaning that they only cover .25 inches at each edge of the poster. Our newer posters have at least a 3/8 inch margin, but a few of our older posters have a smaller margin - so the smaller the lip the better. See our product listings for details.

Here are some sample frame links:

19 x 13 / 13 x 19 Posters: On Amazon
26 x 13 / 13 x 26 Posters: On Amazon
24 x 36 Posters: On Amazon

These are just a few basic examples. If you take a few minutes, you'll find various finishes and levels of quality.

Irregular Sized Posters

For the 12.75 x 26 inch posters, such as The Two Million Digits of Pi, you can use a 13 x 26 / 26 x 13 frame. Place the poster in the frame and center it. Then apply a small piece of tape to the poster and frame to keep the poster from shifting from side to side. If you prefer not to use tape, try it without tape. You might be just fine.

For the 12.5 x 19 / 19 x 12.5 inch posters, such as The Valentine's Day Pi Digits Poster and The Half Million Digits of Pi on specialty paper, you can try a 13 x 19 / 19 x 13 frame. The sample link above is for a frame with a .25 inch lip, so the 12.5 inch poster dimension will fit in the frame with no room to spare before you can see through the frame. An even better choice would be a frame with a slightly larger lip like 3/8 inch.

Place the poster in the frame and center it. At one of the sides of the poster that's too small for the frame, apply a small piece of tape to the poster and frame to keep the poster from shifting from side to side or up and down. If you prefer not to use tape, try it without tape. You might be just fine.

The best option for the irregular size posters is to have them framed by pros at Michael's or Hobby Lobby, where they will mount it first on a matte border and then in a larger frame.

We offer an automatic 10% discount on orders of $150 or higher. If you have questions about high quantity discounts, please get in touch Here.

While we focus on beautiful poster designs, our primary theme has always been to fit more content on the page than was thought possible to do. So while there is a beautiful colored Pi character in the center of our Digits of Pi posters, the star has always been the gazillion digits surrounding it and underneath it. They're just waiting there for a passerby to realize that the gray halftone on the poster is actually an ocean of tiny digits. Why put just one of Shakespeare's plays on a poster when you can fit them all? Maybe we'll figure out how to fit every Pi digit on a poster? Ha Ha.

Yes. We have the packing down to a science.

Sometimes the close-up photos do look a bit grainy. Taking photos of tiny Pi digits cam be tricky, but the actual poster or book is sharp. Our product photographer wishes we would make normal posters since it would make his life easier.

At the moment, our 1 million digit posters can be ordered with a Red/Yellow/Blue/Green or Magenta center Pi image. The underlying digits are always printed in black. Our Digits of Pi Viewers currently come in Blue/Pink/Orange and Lime Green.

The color swatches, for posters that offer a center image color choice, are intentionally a bit dark. This is so they match what happens when a million black digits are printed on top. It makes the color a little darker.

Yes, it's pretty permanent, meaning you probably won't be able to remove the sticker in tact once you adhere it to a surface.

Our Magnifiers

Usually, Yes. When inventory permits, we offer our magnifiers as standalone products. Click here to visit the Magnifiers & Loupes category page.

Currently all of the magnifiers we offer with our posters are between 1" and 2" in length, and about 1 ounce in weight. They are small and extremely portable. With some of our products, such as our books and sticker, we offer a flat credit card sized magnifier.

Please visit our Minimum Magnification Recommendations page for details.

As always, if you have questions, just get in touch.

The 40x loupes come with a little tool to remove the cover for the LED light battery.

So far the answer has always been Yes. But if we do ever run out of the magnifier you're supposed to receive, we'll make sure you get something equally awesome, or even a discount.

My Account

During the checkout process, see the "Registration" section where you can enter a password and create your account. Also you can click on the account icon in the upper right corner of the every page and choose to register.

First, sign into your account by clicking the account icon in the upper right of every page. On mobile devices these links may be in different positions.

Please hold onto the shipping confirmation email that our site will send you upon your order being shipped. That email will have the tracking info you need. If you lose that info, you can get in touch with us and we can help.

Of course we like you. We recently got a shiny new upgrade to our store. As a part of the upgrade and migration of existing data, passwords may not have been successfully moved over. Give your password try. If it doesn't work, then you can click the Forgot Password link while you're trying to log in.

Orders and Order Status

Currently, sales tax is only applied for orders to New Mexico in the USA.

Get in touch with us and we'll work it out. Visit our Contact Us page.

We don't offer gift wrap services just yet but you can specify a gift message during checkout. During the checkout process, see the Order Comments section. Just make it clear it's a gift message. If you forget to do this, get in touch with us right after placing your order.

Also note that item prices will not be included with your order since we include a packing slip that doesn't show prices. Nobody wants to have a gift recipient see prices!

I hope this is mostly self-explanatory but if your item is a poster in a tube, please open the tube from the ends. Don't cut into the tube else you will damage your poster.

Additional Support

Please visit our Contact Us page. We will reply as soon as possible, usually within a few hours if we receive your message during working hours here in the USA mountain time zone.

Please visit our Privacy Policy page.