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The 51st Mersenne Prime Digits Book - Optional Magnifier - Included Bookmark - Customizable

The 51st Mersenne Prime Digits Book - Optional Magnifier - Customizable

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Item: The 51st Mersenne Prime Digits Book. This book contains all 24,862,048 digits of the largest Mersenne prime discovered thus far, which is equal to 2 raised to the prime number 82,589,933 power, minus 1. That's just under 25 million digits! The digits are crisply printed at under 2 point in size. Super tiny. Super crisp. Super awesome.

The 51st Mersenne Prime Digits Book is a collectors item. It makes the perfect conversation-worthy adornment to your coffee table, or a treasure on your book shelf. Whether you are an expert, a Mersenne Prime hunter or just an enthusiast, this is a book you will enjoy having. It's not a math textbook since the digits are mainly the only content, but we do include an introduction to prime numbers at the start of the book.

Thank you to Mersenne.Org and GIMPS (Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search) for providing the dataset of digits. Usually we calculate our own poster content but opted to borrow (with permission!) these existing results. You can visit them at them at GIMPS to learn more about the pursuit of new Mersenne Primes.

Magnifier / Loupe: Unless you have a strong magnifying glass or loupe with at least 5-10x power, we highly suggest you add one to your order. Depending on availability, we may provide a different magnifier than shown in the photos but it will have the same specs as what you've chosen, or better. The magnifiers we provide are a great combination of value and power.

We are offering either a 2.5x/6x credit card size magnifier or a 30x chrome magnifier. How to choose really depends on your close-up vision. I prefer the 2.5x/6x because it has a large field of view and my eyes don't have to be as close to the book. But my close-up vision is very good and many folks may welcome the additional magnification of the 30x. Do your best to make the choice that's right for you but we can work it out if you need a different option.

Here for magnifier guidelines.

Bookmark: We include a Mersenne Prime #51 bookmark with each book. The bookmark has colorful artwork printed on it and also has a Velcro "dock" where the optional credit card magnifier can be kept so it's harder to lose.

Colors: Black digits on white background. Color artwork is included every 10 pages to add a splash of color and also act as a navigational aid. Digits are readable through the color artwork.

Quality: This book is professionally bound and printed on lay-flat paper for easy viewing.

Size: Outside hard cover is 8.25 x 11.25 inches. Page size is 8 x 11 inches. Number of Pages: 171

Binding Type: Hard Cover

ISBN: 978-1-7332910-0-2

Item #'s: BK-M25-02-6X (w/Credit Card Magnifier), BK-M25-02-30X (w/Metal 30x Magnifier), BK-M25-02-Z (No Magnifier)

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